Friday, August 21, 2009

My Creative Space

Once again I am late to post this weeks edition of 'My Creative Space'. I had the nastiest headache yesterday. And I was sick the previous Thursday too....I hope there isn't a pattern emerging!?!?!

I did manage to finish Shayne's belated birthday present this week. And I also managed to keep it from being eaten by the naughty puppy.

It features a special Border Collie button that I got from Studio Mio. When I saw it I just had to get it and make something for Shayne. I had plans for the stitchery and something else.......but yes, you guessed it.....the naughty puppy ate the other button.

Hence, my creative space is a mess because everything is piled up on the desk well out of Elfie's reach. I do have this photo of what I have been able to leave on the floor, safely guarded by the golden child Lucy.

And since this weekends plans were cancelled I have no excuse now not to get into some serious sewing - health permitting.

Head over here to join the fun of other Creative Spaces. Have a good weekend bloggers!!

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