Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paris & Photos

I learnt some new tricks & tips on Sunday at the photography workshop. I think I might now head to the library to see if they have any good books on photography.

We were blessed with lovely, sunny weather before the wind & rain swept in. But I managed to play around with the camera while I still had good light.

Sneak peek.......

I would have had a cute little name tag to show you also BUT after all of my hard work stitching, a naughty little boy-puppy ate it before I could even sew a pin onto the back. I was so cross! I'll have to start all over again now.

While flicking through the current issue of Living Creatively, I followed a link over to Paris. Yep! Paris! Sit back, relax and head on over to Serendipity in Paris and take a look at their awesome products. Its only a short flight.

Well I'm going to fly off home. Au revoir!

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