Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I hardly need to say it - but I do like the colour purple!

So I was delightfully surprised when I got an Etsy Finds email on all things purple. So many groovy things to look at. And best of all - I don't have to worry about my mother or 2 sisters getting in on the action (they all like purple too and it makes things hard let me tell you!).

I'd really love a big amethyst ring

like this one by kyleannemetals

And if I had the figure for it - this gorgeous eco-friendly convertible dress

by Dalina.

Check out her etsy shop for other sweet designs.

And I was really intrigued by this Woodland Overskirt

by Green Trunk Designs. I also really like her fairy crowns. Thats something else I would have to fight with my sisters over!

Maybe I should just devote my blog to all things purple? On second thoughts I couldn't do that. There are too many other colours that I love also.

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  1. Thank you for including my Purple/ Brown Woodland Overskirt in your lovely blog.