Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Struggle Street

I thought posting would be easy when I first started my blog. But lately I have been neglecting me and thus neglecting doing the things that make me happy. But I am going to take 5 minutes for me and make a post.

We have had a lot of rain here over the past week and this has resulted in floods in nearby areas. My little town is safe thankfully. I feel a bit guilty about enjoying the rain and the sight of puddles..... something we have been missing for many years now.

I have been confined however. Confined either to the office or my house that is. I am really struggling with my health lately and was home sick today. But I can imagine what its like to be outside...

After a lot of sleeping today my mind is a bit clearer and I can think straight. Its a delicate balance though and I could so easily fall again. So with this clarity I am jotting down a few ideas on how I can make life a bit easier by getting myself more organised.

I have begun a list which importantly includes one big, crucial element and that is organising my craft 'stuff'. Because I think that the mess that is my craft room which has spilled out into the dining room and the lounge room is not only depressing me.... its preventing me from being able to spend time making & creating.

And lists are not much fun without some visuals.......

 inspiration courtesy of weheartit

Well if I am to be organised I had better get going and get ready to return to work tomorrow. Fingers crossed I am back soon!


  1. now if that's yours, very nice. But if not I want that white cupboard or similar to put in my studio. Think wellness.

  2. hope you are all better soon.
    I know what you mean about taking some time to yourself and also when things spill out into most of the house it becomes a little overwhelming and definitely reacts negatively on the mood.
    happy friday to you