Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back again... hooray!

After a little but tiring trip to Melbourne I am back home and catching up on some blogs. How happy it makes me feel!

I haven't been over to feeling stitchy for a while so I was pleased to see what the stitching-extraordinairs had been up to. I just love the way people are pushing the boundaries with their embroidery.

How cool is this?

made by the clever Sarah Walton

Miss Lucy has advised me that I should stick to hand stitching and leave the machine alone. Its much easier for her to sit with me and snuggle that way. And sitting at the table on the sewing machine excludes her too much. She is encouraging me with my attempts at learning how to knit also.

So I guess I better get back to checking out the awesome stitching that the clever people out there are doing...

1 comment:

  1. That sure is one gorgeous piece of stitchery.
    I think that's exactely why I had to learn to crochet and knit.
    My girls feel like I can play or snuggle with them while I feel like I am being creative. I hope you had a great time in Melbourne and are now having a lovely Sunday.