Sunday, August 29, 2010

No long time no post

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I can't even remember when I last posted. How sad! About a month ago I took on a new role at work and I think ever since then my poor blog and my beloved hobbies have gone neglected. My works in progress are all agthering dust. I have barely had time to read my favourite blogs. But after work too many extra hours last week and being so sick this weekend as a result I have realised it has to stop. I can't go on like this - just working and neglecting myself. What made me finally realise? It wasn't bursting into tears as I left work at 7pm on Friday night... it wasn't the headaches, neck pain and nausea I have had all weekend... it started when I tried to make myself poached eggs for tea and put 2 eggs into the same cup... and culminated when I realised an hour after I somehow managed to cook them that I had left the stove on. Yes thats right! I left the gas burner running for an hour. I am so lucky nothing happened. It sure made me take a good look at what I had and had not been doing. So here I am writing it down for the record. I'm tucked up in bed for a much-needed early night. Maybe if I write this down it will help me keep my word to take things easy this week..... despite the mountain of work waiting for me at the office tomorrow.

image via weheartit

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