Thursday, July 22, 2010

Regrets anyone?

I was just reading The Crafty Minx blog. Kelly's post about Regretsy had me intrigued so I had to head over to the site and take a look. And I was rewarded by a few good belly laughs.

The idea is that April Winchell posts about some of the worst handmade items listed on Etsy. Now... I dearly love Etsy! I enjoy looking at all the beautiful things people make. But by the looks of Regretsy there are some not-so beautiful hadmade items on there also.

Example 1:

The PantyPurse. Recycled undies crossed with a purse? I don't think so!

Example 2:


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  1. Te he, I saw that post today too!!! Loved it but couldn't find the follow button... have to do it the long way round... thanks for reminding me about it and making me smile at the memory!