Monday, July 12, 2010

PJs for the Twits - Part 2

Remember me saying I was going to attempt to sew some PJs for the Twits? Well after a bit of trouble with the ribbing and complications with the second sewing machine I actually managed to make something half-decent.

I made Elfie's pair first....

Little poser...

He looks like a gremlin when he lays on his back.

I thought it was a piece of cake when I began sewing Lucy's pair. I was feeling tired and a bit dizzy but I pushed through it because I wanted to get it done. Well, this is what happens when you sew under the influence.....

You have trouble noticing which is the right side of the fabric! As this is the underside of the coat I am not going to bother unpicking it and doing it again. Polar fleece and ribbing don't take kindly to my unpicking.

I laughed this mistake off once I realised. Its not going to matter really. But I do get frustrated when I realise I have mucked something up when I have been tired and not thinking clearly. And so does Mum when she calls me on the phone, we have a lovely conversation and then I completely forget we have spoken at all. Oh well! I am doing my best! And the Twits love their new outfits.


  1. Very cute! They are both such lovely pups :)

  2. Gorgeous!
    For learning how to crochet, I thnk you can't go past Lucy's blog
    She has great tutorials on her sidebar with step by step, easy to follow photos. have fun.