Friday, June 25, 2010

PJs for the Twits

I have been fitting in a little sewing here and there amongst the must-do things in my day. But disaster struck and the screw that attaches the foot to the shank-thingy on my beloved machine, broke. So my beloved machine is off being serviced and I am sewing on my other little machine that I rarely use.

After dropping my machine off at the doctors, I flicked through the pattern books at my local Sewing Centre. I found a pattern to make the Twits some pyjamas. Lucy has a nice jumper that her Nanna knitted for her but its a bit small now. And Nanna has yet to knit one for Elfie (hint hint if you're reading this Mum).

So I started tracing the pattern this afternoon. But I didn't get very far because Lucy decided I wasn't paying her enough attention.

I think I'll try to finish it this evening - Miss Marple is in ABC1 and Lucy is fast asleep.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Leah!

    I've been on the look-out for a dog coat pattern and am now inspired to go to Spotlight and buy one! Did you manage to get the PJs finished? Your "twits" are so cute!!! They really are adorable! I'd love to see a pic of them in their jammies when you have them done!! :-) No pressure though!!! :-)

    Hugs! Vikki :-)