Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend adventures

I find it really hard to get out of bed in the mornings. I love having a sleep-in on the weekends. Although I can't stay in bed too late because I have to get up and give the Twits their breakfast. On some weekends I do indeed get back in bed because I'm unwell. But when I am feeling fine, or I must head out for some reason, how am I to resist temptation when this cute little fella looks at me like this?

I did manage to resist getting back into my warm, cosy bed and having a cuddle with Elfie. I went into town and had a look at the two op-shops. Within half an hour I returned home with a few treasures...

A little jug to add to my collection

a jar for my buttons

this sweet hand-made pillow case

After my treasure hunt I went a bit overboard with some jobs at home. It was satisfying to get the jobs done but of course...I overdid things and ended up a bit sore and sorry for myself. I didn't get much sewing done in the end. But I did manage to make myself some soup for the week. And I repaired some earrings for Mum. I've got quite a few handmade presents and mended items to send down to Mum and my sisters. Elfie rather likes Jessica's birthday present though and doesn't want me to give it to her.

Cheeky little monkey. I'll have to remember to brush off any black hairs before I give it to her.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, nice to have you! I LOVE that sweet jug, what a pretty blue, the button jar is great shape & how gorgeous is that pillowcase! Nice finds, enjoy your week...

  2. Gorgeous jug and loving the fabric, too cute!