Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Love Sundays!

Sunday is really my favourite day of the week. Usually I crash and burn on Saturdays after the working week and so the day is lost to much-needed rest and recovery. And then on Sunday I get to enjoy myself. Today I am taking it easy, having cuddles with Lucy on the couch whilst catching up with my favourite blogs, listening to Interpol, practising my guitar chords, reading, hopefully some sewing and maybe (stress maybe) doing some housework. I might fit a little nap in there somewhere. I should probably try to find that darn camera. And finish my sister's birthday present. Well, you can't rush these things. Maybe I'll just go and find some chocolate and then settle back down to some reading. I am looking up the blog of Vickie Stewart of Sew Useful Designs. I would like to make her debut project 'Rosie's Hearts' in Vol 11.4 of Homespun for my Mum for Mothers Day.

You can download a variation to the project from the Homespun website here. Enjoy this lovely Sunday!!

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