Friday, October 16, 2009

Every step I take...

should be measured and calculated...but its not. And I suffer the consequences. I was just reading an article on CFS on the website Fighting Fatigue. And darn it! it made me push past the fatigue and get to my blog.
You see, after my recent attempts at gardening I have been very quiet on the blog-front. You may be be forgiven for thinking I had gone missing or gone into hiding. And you wouldn't be far wrong. I am either to be found at work struggling to stay awake or at home sleeping. I haven't been doing anything else! Absolutely zip! No sewing, or drawing or blogging. No fun!
This is what happens after I do too much. I pay for it! And sadly it doesn't take much to disrupt the delicate balance. I am hoping that after 2 weeks of trying to put as many sleep pennies in the bank as possible, that I can actually manage to do something this weekend.
My plan is to have some fun with the ladies from ArtMOOveau at their felting workshop tomorrow. I have been looking forward to it for a while now. Although sadly I have nothing for show & tell because I haven't done anything! On second thoughts I might take along my fabulous op-shop find - 2 Country Road silk handkerchiefs that I scored for $1 each, which are destined for some nuno felting.
With this light on the hill to struggle towards, I am planning an early knock-off from work and an early night to bed. It has been so good to blog again! Here's hoping I keep my balance....

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