Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am currently seeing a naturopath at a local clinic called Natremed. It has been really interesting so far. One of the big things I need to work on is my nutrition. So when my lovely naturopath Melissa suggested I come along to one of her 'Superfoods' cooking classes I jumped at the chance.

Last night I went to my second Superfoods cooking class. It was so much fun! The theme of the night was herbs and spices. Something I know very little about. But I learnt so much. We started with going out into the garden and looking at the herbs that were growing. Then we made our own herbal tea, choosing the herb that we felt we had an affinity with at the time. This was followed by cooking demonstrations and much discussion of the herbs and spices. And at the end we all got to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal.

My favourite was the Sweet potato soup with ginger and coriander. I will definitely be making some of this when the weather is cooler. It was simple and so yummy. 

I have already mastered growing chives, mint and peppermint in my own garden. I have recently made my own peppermint tea and on the hot days made myself a nice peppermint iced tea. I am now looking forward to growing some more herbs in my garden. I think I'll try some rosemary and sage. And also some traditional English lavender. Oh the fun!! I can't wait to be able to do some more gardening now that I am inspired.

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