Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This evening I sat down at my sewing machine and I tried to sew some charm squares together to make a cushion cover. Lucy first tried to stop me by standing over the pedal so I couldn't put my foot on it. And after she gave up that tactic she took to pacing restlessly around the room. Now this I was able to ignore until I heard a rustling noise. Lucy had found a small poster that I was planning to put up on my wall, somehow dragged it out onto the floor and began to chew on it. When I noticed that I gave an exasperated "Lucy!" but then instantly forgave her because really I should have put it out of her reach. But she wasn't finished because I was still sewing.

She dragged out some fabric from goodness knows where and threatened to chew on it. I tried to reason that I only had a couple of charm squares to go but she made that face .... you know, that face!

So I turned off my machine and gave in to my neurotic but dearly beloved canine companion. I went to the couch and got out some knitting that I need to finish (if I am ever going to finally learn how to knit). Lucy calmed down instantly and came to sit beside me. Looks like I'm going to have to stick to projects that I can do whilst sitting on the couch.

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