Friday, October 8, 2010

Field Days

This week has been crazy at work. The Elmore Field Days were on and work had a big locusts display.
It was actually quite fun, despite the exhaustion.

And I got a chance to catch up with my dear friend Shannon..... and at long last got a photo of the jumper I appliqued for her son Chase.

Chase loves tractors, trucks and all things mechanical. So the Field Days were like a theme park for him. I made this jumper for him at Easter. But silly me never took a photo.

Here he is modelling for me. He seems to like it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out because it took me a while to draw a half-decent tractor that would be easy to applique. Its based on a John Deere tractor and I cheated with the wheels thanks to some large yellow buttons in my stash.

It reminds me of how my Mum used to decorate jumpers for my sisters and I when we were kids. Only back then fabric puff paint was all the rage. I wonder if I can track down an old photo?

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