Monday, September 27, 2010

Turning Vampire?

We have been enjoying lovely weather here in Northern Victoria. And I love spring! The magnolias are in bloom, the bees are buzzing in the lavender and I can open the windows up to let fresh air in. Sounds wonderful right? Well, sadly for me spring spells the end of the cool weather that suits my body best. Due to the neurological haywire going on, my body can't regulate its temperature. So warm weather = much discomfort.

I think my upper limit is 15 degrees celsius. It would have been around 20 on the weekend. I attempted a very small amount of gardening  and broke out into a full sweat. I had to have a bath and rest. My Grandmother has more stamina and fitness then I do.

And the light is starting to bring the headaches on. Cue the sunglasses and the sunscreen. But how am I meant to see during the day if I have to draw the curtains closed? I'm turning into a vampire!

A move to the northern hemisphere is out of the question unfortunately. Its making me a bit sad.....

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