Friday, May 21, 2010

Giving Thanks

I am out of action again. This time its my back. I'm not sure what I have doneto  it but I do know my body does not respond well to injury! The Osteopath is a great help but of course it makes me very tired! Instead of feeling glum (which I admit I did succumb to on Wednesday) I am trying to mindful of the good things in life.

I had a discussion with a great lady a fortnight ago about reminding yourself on a daily basis of the things in life you have to be thankful for. The idea is that if you take the time every day to think of something in your life that you are thankful for, then it may help to foster a more positive attitude, amongst other good feelings.

And I forgot all about it until the other day when another great lady suggested that my back pain may be the result of me holding on to anger. So I tried to think what it was I was (possibly) feeling angry about. I admit there were a few issues bugging me. And I decided I had to turn the negativity around and think about the good things in life. It was quite therapeutic! Here is some of what I have thought of in the last few days....

  • I am thankful for the warm, comfortable bed that I have, which helps me to rest and rejuvenate
  • I am thankful for the companionship of my beloved dogs - especially their cuddles when I'm unwell
  • I am thankful for the warm autumn days we have been blessed with
  • I am thankful for the upcoming weekend and the opportunity to rest and get better!

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