Thursday, April 8, 2010

Make me over

I have had a play with the new blogger template. Do you like it? Anyone who knows me will testify that I do rather like the colour purple. I have to admit that I struggled to make even these changes. The problem is that I get on the web after a full day of work when my brain is worn out.

I was very excited to see that The Lark will soon be stocking Cath Kidston.

My sister and I were stalking her website on the weekend. We couldn't decide which bag we liked best - they are all so cute!

Check out the Cath Kidston website here and you will see what I mean! Gorgeous!! If I ever get rid of this darn illness and be able to travel overseas, I will definitely be visiting a Cath Kidston shop in the UK.

Goodnight! Sweet dreams - of roses and polka dots!

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