Friday, April 23, 2010

Lest We Forget

Like many Australians I have been thinking about the ANZACS with ANZAC Day being this Sunday. I always think of my Grandfather Peace at this time of year. During World War 1 he drove a team of horses that pulled the big canons. And so I really liked the Better Homes & Gardens story tonight on the Light Horseman and their brave horses. It was lovely to see a story on television that paid tribute to the thousands of horses that played such a vital role in the war effort.

I got this poem from the Australian Lighthorse Association website.


There go stoutness, strength, and speed
To be spent where none shall heed,
And great hearts to face their fate
In the clash of human hate !
Wave the flag, and let them go ! —
Hats off to that wistful row
Of lean heads of brown and bay,
Black and chestnut, roan and grey !
Here 's good luck in lands afar —
Snow-white streak, and blaze, and star !
May you find in those far lands
Kindly hearts and horsemen's hands !

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