Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blog Shame!

A big, BIG shame on me! It is shameful that I have not posted since November last year. Its been 4 months since my last confession. And I am feeling very ashamed and guilty. But you know what? I am not going to beat myself up about it any longer. Now that I am finally back and writing this post, I am just going to lay it out there and then move on.
I have not posted anything since November 23rd for a very good reason. I have been very unwell. Really, very unwell. I have a neurological illness and its been giving me a really hard time since before Christmas. And when I started this blog I did not want it to be about my illness. But since it effects every part of my life, its not really something I can avoid. So I am putting it out there for you all to see.

Some very necessary changes have been made lately. One of which has seen me finally get a new computer and the internet connected at home. And so I am slowly coming out of hiding. The hurdle of being connected to the big wide world has been overcome after a few false starts and much stumbling. When you are cut off from the world for a few years its not easy to get yourself going again. And tonight I thought I would try tackling the hurdle of getting mysef back into blogland. Hopefully I don't trip over!

I have just had a week's holiday over the Easter break. I was supposed to rest up and recharge my batteries. But half an hour spent helping my Mum with some weeding 2 days ago ruined my plans. I nursed a headache today and ended up falling asleep in the afternoon. It was one of those deep sleeps where my body seems almost paralysed, and not even the alarm clock can wake me. Yes! Half an hour of weeding in the garden wrecked me for 2 days afterward. And now, at 12.22am when I should be fast asleep, getting a good night's rest before I return to work in less than 7 hours, I am awake. But at least I have posted again!

So my apologies for the lapse in posting. This blog is really now going to be about a girl who is trying to balance the management of a debilitating illness with her job in the Dairy Industry and her creative outlets. Hopefully this new direction will succeed.

Good night!

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