Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Remember me saying a little while ago that I was disappointed by people who were looking at our market stall and saying that they could make what we had themselves? I just read dear fii's interview on Living Creatively. And I enjoyed it so much I just had to blog about it. Check out her blog here. Here is a direct quote (hope they don't mind - strongly encourage you to read the article) "It is still really hard to stand there and have people blatantly two feet away from you say ‘I could do that’, I don’t think they realise you can hear them. But I’m getting better at it now, getting the confidence in what I do." So little me feels a lot better, knowing that a pro like fii has the same issue.
Now to get some more confidence.........well after the last two days that I have had, that is a bit hard. Why? I have had two meetings for work in regards to the serious threat currently facing the dairy industry. For those who aren't aware - the global financial crisis and the drought has landed us in strife. I won't sugar coat it - things aren't good. And its really hard because our farmers love what they do and they love their cows. They are passionate about agriculture and giving people good, clean produce. But how can they continue when it costs them more to feed their cows then they get paid for their milk? I just wanted to share this because its important to me, my friends & colleagues, clients and the community I live in. So if you can - support Australian farmers!!
Thats all, I'll be quiet now.

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