Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Buttons make it better

After having the blues yesterday I went home (late) and decided that I had to try and turn it around. So instead of tidying the house I sat down in front of the tv and just drew in my diary. It was so relaxing and I soon felt better.

Aren't they sweet? The stitchery at the top is for a good friend. I shall reveal more later.
I kept going with the creative therapy and tried my hand at one of dear fii's 'I love buttons' brooches. Go to her blog for the tutorial. I wasn't able to print the pattern so I had to draw my own. But I'm very happy with how it turned out.

I gave it to Zita for her birthday.

I really did feel much better after I had made a conscious effort to shut out the negatives and just lose myself in being creative. Maybe I need to make the effort more often. I find myself doing it unconsciously at times, e.g. during yesterday's staff meeting.

To anyone who catches me day dreaming or scribbling pictures during a meeting - please don't be offended. Its something I need to do.

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